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A Little About Us

Family Owned & Operated Since 1960


Our History

White Star Drycleaners and Laundry has been a family owned business since 1960.

After serving his country in the Korean War, Ralph Whitmire Jr. returned home to find work. No stranger to hard work after farming and working in coalmines as a teenager on Signal Mountain, the Dry cleaning business would eventually be a natural fit.  He soon met Joan Hogan and in 1956, they started their family. One day an opportunity presented itself and they took a risk. They bought their neighbors laundry mat on Dayton Boulevard in Red Bank.  In 1960 White Star Laundry was born.

For the next 29 years White Star Laundry and Linen Service became the areas largest supplier of table and bed linens to restaurants and hotels in the Chattanooga Area.  A successful dry cleaning business was operated along side of Linen business under the names of White Star Cleaners, One Hour Martinizing and Big Ridge Cleaners. Ralph and Joan Whitmire working side by side grew a small laundry mat into a successful company  while raising their family.

Best Service in Tennessee, and the quality is even better. It’s always right the first time.

Jeff Davis
Hixon, TN

In 1989, the White Star Linen division of the business was sold and the Whitmires’ turned their focus to the Dry cleaning and Laundry industry. The current 4 locations have been operating under the names: Big Ridge Cleaners, Mountain City Cleaners and Carriage Cleaners.

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