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Smoke & Water Restoration

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Home Owners – How We Can Help You!

Working with your insurance company, we begin by compiling a comprehensive inventory of damaged clothing and fabric articles. We clean the items, store them until you are ready for them, and then we return the items to their original location. It’s that easy, and that convenient for you. All billing can be processed between White Star Dry Cleaners and the insurance company.

Convenience And Peace Of Mind…Advantages Of Our Services

As a professional drycleaner, with experience in handling delicate items that have sentimental meaning, such as wedding dresses and other heirlooms. With over 50 years experience, our specialized equipment and cleaning processes enable us to restore even the most difficult types of items – suede, leather, garments with sequins, purses, shoes, stuffed animals, intricate draperies, valances and cornice boards. You receive your original garments in restored condition, without the hassle of having to shop for new items.

The Chattanooga Leader in Restoration Dry Cleaning

A fire can be a harrowing experience and major inconvenience. Even the smallest catastrophe can cause major damage, as odors, stains and mold threaten clothing, draperies and other fabric items – as well as precious heirlooms – throughout the house.

In difficult times such as these, saving your sentimental items is our specialty.

We are a restoration drycleaning specialist, an expert in cleaning and restoring garments. White Star Dry Cleaners features the most advanced technology and processes to ensure customer satisfaction. We’re also a part of this community, a name you know and can trust.

Insurance Companies – What’s The Advantage To You?

White Star Dry Cleaners offers rush service, which means you can start saving money right from the beginning of a claim.

White Star Dry Cleaners Certifications Include:
  • Certified Environmental Cleaner
  • Certified Professional Dry Cleaner
  • Certified Professional Wet Cleaner
  • Sanitone Master Drycleaner



White Star Dry Cleaners is dedicated to reduce the the loss by conducting thorough, on-site, room-by-room inventories that save time for you and provide a general record of a home’s contents.

White Star Dry Cleaners system includes inventory , restoring and storing the clothes and other fabric items of the insured until they are ready for the items to be returned. Our proven program can even reduce customer complaints by preventing problems from occurring, as a proper inventory identifies all of the lost items as well as the rooms to which the items will be returned.

White Star Dry Cleaners also provides a follow-up overview of the non-salvaged items, which provides detailed descriptions  of all items considered a total loss. This inventory ensures proper assessment of replacement costs.

Additionally, our fast and efficient invoicing helps you close claims quickly. Best of all, our guarantee is simple yet incredibly valuable: If the garment doesn’t clean, it’s off your bill.


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