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We Care About The Environment


A Clean Earth Is Our Job, Too.

White Star Drycleaners has a firm commitment to maintaining a clean environment for our children and for future generations. While we keep your clothes (and you) looking fresh and clean, we work to ensure our stewardship of the environment.


While we focus on keeping your clothes looking exceptional, we’re also deeply committed to doing our part for a clean environment. We’re proud to be a Certified Environmental Drycleaner.

How? All of our equipment meets or exceed clean air and water standards. We dispose of materials according to government regulations, using the best method for the environment. Being a responsible citizen is part of our promise of world-class excellence.

Chattanooga’s only Certified Professional Wetcleaner

wet_cleaner2This means we have experts trained in the wet cleaning processing, using water in place of hydrocarbon solvents to clean garments when appropriate.



How we help:2_recycle
  • We offer hanger caddies for a convenient way to recycle hangers to help reduce waste.
  • We offer reusable Convert-a-Bags. One bag is used to collect your laundry, bring it in, and return it to you—eliminating plastic wrap.
  • We heat our production areas with the same steam used to process the garments. Our cooling system recycles water through evaporative coolers instead HVAC equipment.
  • We are also in the process of changing our the lighting in our plants to LED and T8 fixtures to conserve energy.
DLI Cleaners Care Hanger Recycling Program

More than 30 million fewer hangers will make their way to landfills this year, thanks to the help of White Star Drycleaners and other participants of the Drycleaning & Laundry Institute’s “DLI Cleaners Care Hanger Recycling” program.



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